Test drive Google APIs

Last Updated: 2024-01-23

Working with Google APIs can feel overwhelming due to the variety of APIs, auth processes, and all the available libraries. To address this, Google put together an API Playground to quickly define your scope, authenticate, request refresh tokens, and execute queries.

Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Select an API & authorize your scope
  2. Request a Refresh Token and Access Token
  3. Pick an API Endpoint
  4. Construct a request & send

Keep in mind Access Tokens are only valid for an hour. Not suitable for a long-term solution but perfect for exploring an API or executing quick operations.

For example, here’s a sample HTTP request for listing available task lists from the Google Tasks API:

GET /tasks/v1/users/@me/lists HTTP/1.1
Host: tasks.googleapis.com
Content-length: 0
Authorization: Bearer ya31.a3AnCzNB1uXt4zUVvQ0171

If we extract the access token we easily convert this into a Python script:

import os
import requests

URL = "https://tasks.googleapis.com/tasks/v1/users/@me/lists"
TOKEN = os.environ.get("GOOGLE_API_TOKEN")

headers = {"Authorization": f"Bearer {TOKEN}"}
tasklists = requests.get(URL, headers).json()